How To: Get Your Video Ranked In YouTube

How To: Get Your Video Ranked In YouTube

Since YouTube is the biggest website for video sharing, all the people who work there are highly professional. That leads us to one conclusion – Their algorithm of counting views and ranking videos is crazy complex and hard to analyze. Having your video ranked will get you more natural viewers. Your video will be easily found in the search results with your wanted keywords. However there are very good known facts which are helping the video to get ranked and we will be happy to share them with you:

  1. Adding your niche keywords in your title and not using other characters but a-z 0-9.
  2. Adding a good description. Having the keywords in your description is also important. You have to try to cover every aspect with unique text. Try not to use more that 3-4 times your keywords in the text.
  3. Adding tags is also important. Add your tags according to your niche. Use keyword suggest tool to find the best keywords for your video. (If you buy views from us, we will be happy to supply you with this software. Just write us on e-mail or skype.)

Now the important stuff which will get your video to the skies of YouTube. If you’ve done all of the above right, our services below will give your video ranked in no time.

  1. Buy Views or Buy Fast Views: This is one of the most important things which helps your video get ranked.
  2. Buy Likes: If you have views + likes your video will get better ranking.
  3. Buy Favorites: Something which is not as popular as you think, but helps the ranking very much.
  4. Buy Comments: Having good and high quality comments will improve your video. Buy comments from The comments are custom so you can write whatever you want. Also you can chose you top comment.
  5. Buy Subscribers: If you have more subscribers to your channel this will get more attention to your new visitors and will rise your chances to have more and more views/likes/favorites to your other videos.

All of the above combined will boost your video and it will be watched by more and more YouTube visitors.

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