Watch The Top 9 YouTube Videos Of The Week

Watch The Top 9 YouTube Videos Of The Week

Huff Post wrote about the top 9 YouTube videos of the week.

  • #9 - IDF Pinpoint Strike On Ahmed Jabari, Head Of Hamas Military Wing
  • #8 - Entrevista A Bebecito Emoxito
  • #7 - The Best Cosplay Of All Time
  • #6 - Bruce Lee vs. Clint Eastwood: Epic Rap Battles Of History Season 2.
  • #5 - Zlatan Ibrahimovic Amazing Goal ( Sweden vs. England ) 4-2 HQ
  • #4 - The Athlete Machine - Red Bull Kluge
  • #3 - Another 10 Bets You Will Always Win
  • #2 - Grand Theft Auto V: Official Trailer #2
  • #1 - The Big Bang Theory Flash Mob!

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Watch The Top 9 YouTube Videos Of The Week

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If you're looking to see the most popular YouTube videos of the week, look no further.

Once again, we're bringing you the week's most-watched videos, hot off the charts via YouTube Trends, a feature launched by YouTube that aggregates the site's video stats and draws upon "the wisdom of top curators across the web" to offer visitors a look at real-time trends among the YouTube community.

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