What Is YouTube

What Is YouTube

Google bought YouTube in 2006 for $1.65 billion. And they did it for a reason and this was one big step for them because this was the most expensive purchase made during their 8 year history. They knew that the site has very good potential and combining Google’s professional workers with this great website they reached top 3 sites in the world.

Now every kid knows that YouTube is the biggest website for video sharing. The statistics for 2012 are really awesome:

  1. Every minute there are 60 hours of videos uploaded to their website. A couple of months ago, this number was only 48 hours. This is very impressive difference for this kind of period.
  2. Every month there are over 4 billion hours watched on YouTube by their visitors.
  3. Every day there are over 4 billion videos are viewed up from 3 billion.
  4. According to the press page YouTube gets around 800 million unique visitors per month.
  5. "500 years of YouTube video" are watched on FaceBook every single day.
  6. Each minute over 700 YouTube videos are shared on Twitter.

YouTube is now one big money making machine, which can help you earn a lot if you find a suitable niche. No matter if you are a musician, actor, PPD (pay per download) earner, blogger, marketer, advertiser, video editor, reviewer, magician or any other person, you can have your own channel with your videos uploaded. If you get your video ranked you can become YouTube partner or at least have your adsense ads on your videos. This will help you earn money and if you play your cards right, you can make a lot… and I do mean A LOT of money.

Buying YouTube views from us will help your journey to become youtube partner or if you are already partner we will help you rank your videos better and get you more popular.

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